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Reflecting on our first
impactful year as UP Global

In 2013, UP Global formed when Startup Weekend and Startup America joined forces

Creating a community of over 310,000 alumni and volunteers

Made up of dedicated community leaders

  • 4.5k
  • 3k
  • 4.5k
  • 316
  • 450
  • 395

and passionate, innovative alumni

  • 132k
  • 87k
  • 42k
  • 39k

from 501 cities, 126 countries, and speaking over 30 languages.

In March, 230 community leaders came together in Rio de Janeiro to share their stories

Stories like Kalimah Priforce's vision for empowering others

"Building A Silicon Valley that lives up to Dr. King's Dream" was the over-arching vision for Startup Weekend Oakland: Black Male Achievement. A thirteen year old girl from San Francisco East Bay pitched to her family a new app idea she mocked up on her college-ruled notebook. Teen brothers in Florida are hosting their own mini-hackathon in their grandmother's living room. Professionals across the tech industry are no longer afraid to ask their colleagues, "How does this next product development stage affect under-served kids?"

Maryam's formative experience at Startup Weekend Baghdad

Meet Maryam. She's a 24-year-old Iraqi woman, a college graduate with an IT degree, and has been actively searching for employment for almost two years. Right now, she's presenting a digital animation business idea that she's spent the past 54 hours crafting. There's over 200 people in the audience, analyzing each statistic she shares and dissecting her market research. This is her first time speaking in front of an audience this big. You can see a hint of sweat on her brow, peeking through her lavender colored headscarf. She doesn't know it yet, but in two hours, her team will be announced as the winner of the first Startup Weekend in Baghdad.

Team Dropifi's journey from Africa ... to 500 Startups

"Dropifi is the first African investment for 500 Startups," says Dave McClure of 500 Startups."Very few seed investors in Silicon Valley will put money into markets as early as Africa, but we think talent exists in every corner of the globe. Dropifi has a killer team and a promising product with global reach." Founder David Osei adds, "Being the first African startup to join a leading U.S. accelerator validates our idea and serves as a springboard for us. We also see it as an inspiration for young African entrepreneurs and a signpost that, Africa is geared up to be the next economic frontier."'s fundraising milestone of $10.5 million

Greg Gottesman, a managing director of Madrona Venture Group, pitched Rover at a Startup Weekend in Seattle in June 2011. His idea received top prize and six months later he launched The startup has since grown rapidly, with an 800 percent increase in revenue in 2013 and over 25,000 pet sitters spread across all 50 states, up from 10,000 across 40 states in 2012.

Brazilian startup EasyTaxi closing over $20 million in one year

Founded at a Startup Weekend in 2011, Easy Taxi was born from a need to solve transportation problems in Brasil. The startup has raised 23 million in funding in 2013 alone and has gone on to employ over 1,000 people, expanding into multiple countries.

Key partnerships made global entrepreneurial resources a reality

Programs flourished in unique communities around the world

Startup Weekend doubled in attendees from 2012

Startup Digest subscriptions jumped 36% to 334,000 under UP Global

Startup Education brought together 1,594 attendees, a 42% increase from 2012

Startup Next programs increased from 14 to 54 with 67 new mentors.

2013 was a year of team growth

We've gone from 29 to 48 core team members

Opened five new offices in San Francisco, Kansas City, London, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City

UP Global welcomed 2,250 new community leaders

We worked with international leaders to support and inspire innovation

By 2016, our goal is to support 1,000 thriving startup communities

New initiatives to support more entrepreneurs

With the leadership of our community and partners

All working together to change the world

Thanks for an incredible 2013.
Here's to successful journeys in 2014.